If we can remotely probe the structure and nature of an object, we can make an image of it and use that image to develop human comprehension.

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I’ve always had an interest in “seeing” the world in more than just the red, green, blue that our eyes provide.
Christian M. Lewis, MS '14


  • I’m one of the few people at work in my group with actual education in imaging science rather than just picking things up on the job so I’ve become a resource on data / algorithms / brainstorming.
    Maria Busuioceanu
    Imaging Science '13
  • In short, thanks to the faculty, staff, and graduates of the Center for Imaging Science, Pictometry has grown from a nebulous concept into a global, billion-dollar business in one short decade.
    Richard Kaplan
    CEO of Pictometry International
  • My internship at the National Ecological Observatory Network was a real-world job experience where co-workers came to me for information on Image Processing, and I realized that I was the expert in the office.
    Kevin Sacca
    Imaging Science BS '16
  • There is so much covered by the term 'imaging science' that I’ve been exposed to far more topics and research areas than I would have in a traditional program.
    Oesa Weaver
    Imaging Science PhD '15
  • Imaging science is a unique holistic program that applies aspects of physics, engineering, computer science, and psychology to understanding and using images for all types of scientific inquiry.
    Michael Augspurger
    Imaging Science BS '17